Some men have been taking 4, 5 even 6 pills
to protect their prostates...

Until Now!

Just two pills in the palm of your hand and you're set for prostate health!

How is this possible?

Only when you unlock the potent secret behind
the new age powerful prostate protector...  


If you are choking down a handful of pills to support your prostate and paying an arm-and-a-leg for them, you may want to sit down for this...

Now, there's a way you could...


  • Keep peeing a POWERFUL stream...
  • Drain your bladder completely...
  • And sleep through the night so you feel refreshed when morning comes...

All for just R7.16 per day and two pills in the palm of your hand...

Think I’m pulling your leg? Then you just haven’t been introduced to...


The TWO Pill PROSTATE Powerhouse!

Big pharma manufacturers and even some doctors are scrambling to keep this information from you!

And it’s no wonder really...

That's because the prostate protection nutrients I'm about to introduce to you have been shown to support strong urinary flow by over 372% when compared to a placebo...

And that same reputable study revealed they could promote complete bladder emptying by over 200% when compared to a placebo!

Again, you too could have these kind of results for just R6.67 per day!

I wish I could shake the greed out of the “fat cats” who make you pay so much for formulas that may not even come close.

But first, I’m Antoinette Pombo with FSP Nutritionals. And the one thing I've come to learn is that if you want something done right… You’ve got to DO IT YOURSELF!

Which brings me back to this latest development in prostate health…

By taking control of your prostate health today, you could cut your nightly trips to the bathroom with just two pills per day...

Imagine, waking up in the mornings and springing out of bed, feeling refreshed and ready to take on your day - because you didn’t get up in the night...

You make your first cup of coffee and line up just two pills...

... And you get all of the protection that I’ve mentioned for less than the price of a cup of coffee!

Ultimate Prostate Defence has everything you need for prostate support... And nothing you don’t.

That is the power of FSP Nutritionals' prostate formula. But how is it even possible? How can we offer you premium prostate protection without sending the price through the roof?

The answer lies in the secret hero behind this effective solution...


The REAL super-star that makes Ultimate Prostate Defence
so powerful with less ingredients...


The wonder nutrient behind all prostate support ingredients is a powerful plant compound called Beta-Sitosterol. 

After reviewing many studies on beta sitosterol, the researchers at FSP Nutritionals were amazed by its effectiveness:

Not only can it help boost the power of your urinary flow; it can also dramatically lower the amount of urine left in your bladder.

In 1995, a groundbreaking study was published in the British medical journal The Lancet. They used something called the International Prostate Symptom Score to measure various facets of urinary flow, like the strength of urine flow and residual urine left in your bladder.

The study involved 200 men... 100 received beta sitosterol and 100 got a placebo (dummy pill).

After 6 months, the men who took beta sitosterol showed a dramatic improvement on their International Prostate Symptom Score - an amazing 50% improvement!

They also strengthened their urinary flow by 53%! They reduced the level of residual urine in their bladder by 54%! And maintained ALL the benefits of their treatment after an 18-month follow up!

And that's the reason you won’t have to get up every 5 minutes during the night to run to the bathroom. Can you imagine the difference this super nutrient could make in your life? No more pressing the snooze button over and over again... No more fatigue... No more frustration.


Keeping your prostate in check with this prostate essential

The other herb that gives Beta-Sitosterol a boost when it comes to prostate support is saw palmetto. This ingredient is essential in any prostate formula but unfortunately, even this nutrient has been tainted by greedy mittens. In a study, 37% of saw palmetto supplements were WORTHLESS! 

And that's why FSP Nutritionals ensures top quality when it comes to ALL of its ingredients. This means you don't pay an arm-and-a-leg for something that doesn't yield any results.


But that's not all in your Ultimate Prostate Defence formula!

Like I said before, you get everything you need and nothing more in Ultimate Prostate Defence. So you don't have to pay big money for exotic herbs in pricey prostate supplements that hardly compare in effectiveness - the proof in the pudding!

So what else do you need to keep your prostate in check?

For starters...

There's the little-appreciated herb “stinging nettle” (Urtica dioica to the scientists) that contains an incredibly helpful phytonutrient that also blocks both 5-alpha and aromatase - essential preventing the excess buildup of oestrogen in your body that results in man breasts, kills your libido and makes your prostate swell up even more!

Starting to see why now, you don't have to get up 4…5...6 times a night. Just to stand over the toilet and wait.

Most men make do and just hope that their prostate concerns will pass them by. But it's unlikely to get better unless you do something about it... You see, the numbers tell a different story. 

One out of two men has prostate trouble by the time they’re 50. And by the time you reach your 80s, your chances are at about 80% of having prostate trouble!

But there is no need to stay up at night worrying about it anymore...

The powerful, all-natural, QUALITY ingredients in Ultimate Prostate Defence can help relieve your anxiety and keep your prostate healthy.


Now you can also super-charge YOUR manhood!

Ultimate Prostate Defence also has 4 sexual health supporters...

Your prostate is an important part of your reproduction system.

It’s where most of your semen is made. 

So without a healthy prostate, you can’t have a REAL ejaculation, you see, it's the contractions of your prostate that move semen through your urethra during ejaculation.)

And that's why FSP Nutritionals packed Ultimate Prostate Defence with:

Zinc: 70% of men don’t get the recommended 11mg of zinc per day. 

And that can spell trouble... 

Your semen has 36 times more zinc than your blood and your prostate has the highest concentration of zinc in your body. 

See how it's all related?

Healthy levels of zinc:


  • Helps promote optimum levels of testosterone
  • And helps regulate how testosterone is secreted through your body.

Ultimate Prostate Defence delivers a full 15mg of zinc in an easy-to-absorb form (Something else you should look out for in other formulas).

Vitamin E: You’ve probably heard a lot about the power of vitamin E. It’s one of the most effective and versatile antioxidants on Earth.

Together with beta sitosterol, vitamin E targets dangerous free radicals and provides your prostate with a shield of protection.

Dozens of studies show the remarkable power of vitamin E in supporting healthy prostate cell growth, and helping to keep androgens (hormones) from negatively affecting your cells.

Vitamin E also promotes good blood flow to the genitals so that you can maintain an erection.

Ultimate Prostate Defence contains an ample 30mg of vitamin E to give you double-barreled protection... For both your prostate AND your love life!

Lycopene:  One study from Harvard University revealed that men who frequently ate foods high in lycopene, lowered their risk of prostate health issues by up to 45%!

Lycopene gives tomatoes their red color.  Its antioxidant power is 100 times stronger than vitamin E!

But, unless you really love tomatoes (like 5 or more large ones per day), it's best to get your lycopene from Ultimate Prostate Defence, along with the other essential nutrients for your prostate.

Selenium: Its power to support your immune system is remarkable. And it’s especially helpful for your prostate.

Studies consistently show that men with higher levels of selenium have healthier prostates.

But, these days, getting selenium from your diet is harder and harder due to over-farming and the use of fertilisers. That’s why supplementing is so important. And there's no easier way than to get it all in your two pills of Ultimate Prostate Defence!

Pumpkin seeds: These seeds are rich in protective phytosterols… molecules so powerful that we concentrated the extract, and we’re careful to include a generous 270mg of this discovery in every dose of Ultimate Prostate Defence.

By now, I’m sure you can see how Ultimate Prostate Defence makes maximum prostate support a sure thing…

And what’s even better - now you can —now you can get ALL this for just over R7 per day!

Imagine going to bed knowing you WON’T have to get up 5 times during the night only to stand over the toilet waiting for something to happen...

Imagine walking into a restaurant WITHOUT immediately looking for the toilet... 


Finally! RELIABLE prostate support without spending a fortune!

Ultimate Prostate Defence is your simple solution for prostate support... PLUS the EXTRA boost that helps keep your “manhood” firing on ALL cylinders!

Put Ultimate Prostate Defence to the test TODAY... Buy 3 bottles and get 2 FREE! That's six months of prostate protection and support for just R6.67 per day!


Get Ultimate Prostate Defence absolutely RISK FREE!

When you order your supply of Ultimate Prostate Defence, it gets couriered right to your doorstep, so you don't have to waste time hunting for the formula that actually works anymore!

PLUS, with FSP Nutritional's 100% Money Back Guarantee, your money is protected too!

It's simple: If you’re not 100% thrilled, just return the unused portion (including empty bottles) and we’ll refund you your purchase price. No hassles!

Which other supplement manufacturer is willing to offer you this kind of guarantee? 

That's because, we at FSP Nutritionals are convinced your life will change for the better with Ultimate Prostate Defence.

Don’t delay...take a few seconds and order your risk-free supply now. 



Antoinette Pombo
FSP Nutritionals   

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